Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Can I Improve My Chess Game: Playing

Improving at Chess: Playing
Playing chess is the most important part to improving your chess game. However there are important rules about how, when, and where should you play chess. This post explains the subtopic, Improving at Chess: The Basics which you can be found in the label Improving at Chess. In further posts I will explain each of these individually in greater detail.
1. Do not play chess games where the time control is under 5 minutes frequently or even at all.
2. Try not to play over six chess games per day, rather spend your time studying or analyzing your games.
3. Try not to play chess in a disturbing atmosphere with loud noises or television sets in the room.
4. Try not to play chess when you are sleepy or distracted.
5. Try not to play computers in chess as they have a very different play style then most humans.

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Eloquent American said...

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